The story of one man’s fight for survival. From a concentration camp in northwest Bosnia to life as a refugee in New Zealand, the will to live guides Elvis Garibovic through the stuff of nightmares to find his own sense of inner peace.

Produced by VII Foundation Films
Runs 15 mins



Veteran war photographer Jack Picone returns to Rwanda where the searing images of the genocide he photographed in 1994 remain deep in his psyche. He finds great progress, but also sees a nation conflicted by personal memory and the national dictate to forgive.

Produced by VII Foundation Films
Runs 25 mins


Radio was a persuasive form of communication during the genocide, using hate speech to encourage citizens to rise up and murder hundreds of thousands of their compatriots. In the same way that the radio had encouraged violence, post genocide, a Dutch NGO saw the possibility of using it to debunk prejudices and encourage reconciliation. Radio La Benevolencija launched the radio soap opera Musekeweya or “New Dawn” in 2004. The weekly episodes continue to discuss issues of trauma and distrust through their soap opera characters and inspire dialogue and conversation.

VIIF Films with thanks to the Global Reporting Centre


The mountain gorilla population is the only great ape species on the increase and is encouraging the growth of eco-tourism benefiting both the national economy and the endangered species.

VIIF Films with thanks to the Global Reporting Centre